Flower Inventory:

White Rhino 6 weeks

Ultimately, the “magic” that recreational tokers seek in their buds is found in the resins produced by cannabis plants. Traits like resin production are largely genetic. This provides the basic platform of what growers can expect in their yield of buds. However, with modern knowledge of how plants produce resin it is possible to enhance resin qualities using growing style and technology.

We kick start our cannabis grow cycle incorporating an active grow system which benefits the health, quality and yield of our clones. Cannabis is a rapid grow plant, which makes it an ideal match for active hydroponic systems.  Growing strong healthy plants resist insects, mold and other negative environmental conditions.

We offer retailers a great indica/sativa/hybrid flower lineup in a variety of strains.  We also offer retailers custom blends that enhance qualities such as aroma, taste and customer experience.  


CBD Inventory:

Stephen Hawking kush 8weeks

Rogue Raven Farms is now offering CBD strains,  these strains are designed to be high in CBD and low in THC. CBD, also known as Cannabidiol is one of the components in cannabis and is traditionally found in medical retail outlets. With the closure of so many medical cannabis outlets in the upcoming year, these rare strains are now becoming available in our recreational retail partners stores.


Pre-Loaded Pipe:

Weed in pipeRogue Raven Farms is always looking for new and fun ways to distribute out product, one of ways to package our flower is to include it with a pipe! These pipes will hold approximately 1/3 of a gram of product and can be made to order with any of our existing Indica/Sativa/Hybrid flower lots.  So when you're talking to your sales rep about your flower order, make sure to ask about our pre-loaded "weed in a pipe" bundle.

Concentrate Inventory:


To produce our concentrates Rogue Raven uses a certified hydrocarbon based closed loop extraction process. We use CP grade 99.9% pure N-Butane as our base hydrocarbon solvent. Rest assured that our closed loop extraction process does not allow gas to escape and evaporate into the atmosphere.

Post extraction we incorporate a controlled purge process ensuring our oil is further refined leaving minimal/no residual solvents in the final product.Many consumers are unaware that each concentrate lot must pass a certified test for residual solvents and potency by an independent certified lab.

All of our concentrates meet or exceed Washington State Enforcement requirements for hydrocarbon extraction.

Rogue Raven is proud to offer our retail network a wonderful selection of Wax, Shatter, Honeycomb & Oil. Below is a list of our available concentrates.

StrainGeneticsProduct typePackaging

Rogue Raven Vape Pen Inventory:

Our vapor oil can be tailored to meet your needs.  We offer Raw as well as "flavored" varieties of some of our most popular strains.  Our vape cartridges are loaded into 0.5g units that fit most electronic pen sets. 

LotStrainTHCCBDUnit WeightAvailablePackaging

Ascension Vape Cartridge Inventory:

Ascension Catridge Web

Offering a "PG Free" experience in a 0.5g cartridge, our Ascension Vape Cartridge will satisfy your vaping needs and leave you wanting more.

LotStrainTHCCBDUnit WeightAvailablePackaging



Pre-Rolled Joints:

pre-rolled main

Why deal with the tedious task of rolling joints when we’ll do it for you. You will get about 1.1 grams of premium bud in all our Fatty Pre-Rolled joints and 0.7 grams in all our Mini Fatty Pre-Rolled joints. To ensure Fatty variety we hand pick from our amazing selection of juicy strains. Just spark and go.


Twax Joint Inventory:

Pre-rolled mini twax

When we “twax” we add golden honeycomb concentrate to our pre-rolled joints. Just like our pre-rolled Fatties you get premium bud with a smooth explosion of premium honeycomb concentrate.  You can’t go wrong with our pre-rolled Twax joints loaded with premium bud and crumbly honeycomb concentrate, selected and tested by our dedicated and discriminating staff.