Rogue Raven has over 100 strains covering a representative spectrum of new, classic and awarding winning strains.


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Our flower starts with a solid genetic foundation. Layer knowledge of how plants produce resin, proven growing techniques, modern technology and quality assurance and you’re assured a great product.

"Fatty” Pre-rolled Joints 

Pre-Rolled Fatty Joints

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We have a solid selection of  Indica, Sativa and Hybrid “Fatty” pre-rolled joints containing at least 1+ gram cold cured 100% hand shredded flower.  Each Fatty is individually packaged for freshness.


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We offer a strong indica/sativa/hybrid concentrate lineup in a variety of cannabis strains and textures.  We also offer retailers custom blends that enhance qualities such as aroma, taste and customer experience.

Vape Pen Cartridges

Fire Alien Kush Vape Cartridge

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new vape pen cartridges.  We have a selection of cartridges that can be set up for either a 0.5g cartridge or a full 1g cartridge. 

Pre-Rolled Twax Joints

Fatty and Mini Fatty TWAX Joints

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When we “twax” we add golden honeycomb concentrate to our pre-rolled joints. Just like our pre-rolled Fatties you get premium bud with a smooth explosion of premium honeycomb concentrate.