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Raven Pen WebThe Raven Pen

Our sleek design of disposable Raven pen make for a quick, on the go option to try out our flavorful oils. Makes for a great product for those who are in town visiting or even those who have never used a vape pen before and want to try before investing. 

Ascension Cartridges
This is our top shelf, PG free, oil cartridge line. With different flavors available, or even just raw, the spectacular color and taste will have you wanting more.

Raven Box WEB

Rollies/Display Box
Our Rogue Raven 1g Fatty pre-rolls are delivered and displayed in custom made display boxes available for pre-roll orders, 30 and more.

Rogue Raven Flower
Our "Top Shelf" flower is what we put in to our Rouge Raven packaging. This consists of different strains based upon our QA grading system.

Three Trees
Not every bud produced is able to meet the high standards of Rogue Raven flower. So we created our Three Trees line. Product that is still just as amazing as Rogue Raven, just less expensive.


Our concentrates are carefully crafted by our in house lab team that allows for multiple consistencies and a variety of selections.

Spoon For web

Pre-loaded Pipes
These little treasures are the perfect product for tourists or even the new smokers all alike. Plus, who doesn't love a colorful travel pipe with one of their favorite strains?